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Wainscoting home depot – Wainscoting is a decorative wooden panel is apply to a home’s walls.  Wainscoting often complement with pedestals and decorative chair rail. Using basic carpentry skills, a homeowner installing wainscoting into his room to add texture and traditional elegance to the space. Wainscoting can apply to the seat rail height. And covering the bottom one-third of the wall. Also consider applying wainscoting covering about two-thirds of the wall. Also top with a wide rail and display decorative items or family photos.

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Installing wainscoting home depot measure the room and sketch out a diagram of the room. And be sure to label the sketch with measurements of the room. Remove the existing baseboard from the walls by scoring the top of the board with a utility knife. Slide the edge of a crowbar behind the edge of the baseboard to pry the board away from the wall.

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Mark the lines at different heights on the wall with a pencil to visually determine the desired height of the wainscoting home depot. When a desire height is selected, put a laser on the point. Also use a chalk line to mark the laser level line on the wall. Then measure from the chalk line on the floor to determine the right height for wainscoting.