Tips For Remodel / Redesigning Kitchen

Good kitchen design starts early, even when the location of the room inside the house. If youre lucky enough to be able to choose the direction in which your kitchen will face, consider going to the east or southeast, where the morning sun fill light guide. Unfortunately, rehab, the choice of the south-east is not always possible, but we think its worth working hard to achieve the effort.

Remodel Kitchen

Remodel Kitchen

If this can not be done simply by directing the kitchen to the south or southwest is a good choice. If you go this route, provide a means to shade the room from the hot summer sun, such as deciduous trees or shrubs, awnings or overhangs above windows or even with a good sunscreen.


A house is not an island, it requires frequent contacts with the outside world, much of which is accessible by car. Adjoining closely adjacent to the kitchen or back door open in the driveway garage, message load and reduce from the trash.

Mud room can reduce by acting as a rallying point for trips in and out of traffic in the kitchen of the house. It provides a buffer of cold air storage for coats, hats and boots and even pantry shelves for items that can not be used immediately. Taking all this activity from the kitchen provides more space for cooking and eating, which are after all the most important events of a kitchen.

The work triangle

For most of the 20th century, kitchens were organized around what is known as the work triangle the geometry determined by sink, stove and refrigerator. Since more work in the kitchen is a dance between the three devices, a good design of the distances between them to make you comfortable. If they are too short, the workspace will be tight, both the cook to be worn trot them. The basic rule is that the three sides of the triangle should add between 12 and 26 feet.

There are three main types of work triangle: U, L and kitchen. In cooking, U-shaped, there is a triangular path of the sink to a wall in the range of one to one-third of the refrigerator. In an L-shaped kitchen, a working member of the triangle against a wall with the other two, against each other. Under very cramped, three dots arranged along the same wall as the cooking vessels, hence the name American kitchen.

Ideally, no traffic can pass through the work triangle. Nothing is more annoying than having people crash when you try to cook. If there will not be an island or a table in the room or place where the work triangle or interfere too far for workplace use.

Remember that people who are not directly involved in the kitchen often have access to the kitchen, especially needed the refrigerator. Of the three components of the work triangle is located on the refrigerator outside the triangular corner for easy access. The sink must be accessible, but the cooktop must be protected as possible, and thus the farthest points of the work triangle.

Necessary gadgets

To function properly, sink, stove and refrigerator all need to be surrounded by a certain amount of soil and counter space. The refrigerator door has a light swing and, if possible, enough room for two people meet. The doors of all cabinets in the refrigerator should not be incompatible with the door. And the refrigerator is also a race of 18 inches counter as a gathering place for food is in or out.

According to custom, the sink under a window, make sure to give an overview. Outside both the daylight for the tasks performed and I guess used is derived from the days before, dishwasher dishes when the task was a tedious affair handmade. I still work in a sink with a window is much more fun than working in a well without one. Designers often put first the sink and available to the rest of the work triangle from there.

The minimum lengths are considered counter 36 cm on one side of the sink and the other 24, which provides a gathering place for dirty dishes on one side and a drying room to the other. It seems logical to the greatest extent counter locate on the side of the nearest plate sink, because the most prepared for the sink food.

The best location for the heating plate is provided along an outer wall, instead of on an island or a peninsula. With a stove on an outside wall, it is easy to have an efficient hood and ventilation system, essential for the grease, smoke and combustion gases from the training facility. The stove or cooker has a 21 to 30-inch vertical clearance for cooks can easily see and access the back burners and ventilation system can do its job effectively.

If you plan to install a dishwasher places it near the sink. When you choose to enable may depend on whether you are right or left handed and dishes path are likely to take when they are removed from the table. See also the choreography of two people to load and unload the machine.

Storage areas

Glassware and dishes should be stored in cabinets or shelves near the sink. Pots and pans are frequently used can be stored between the sink and cooktop or a hanging rack.

Consider locating your silverware drawers near the dishwasher or clothes horse, but the main work triangle so that everyone can cook without interruption of the table.

Rather professional chefs, who spend a lot of time in their kitchen utensils have their hand. (Julia Child put away his knife on the pins above her sink.)

Shelves or cabinets above the stove can foods that are not affected by heat, such as pasta maintenance, rice and cereals. A place just below the cabinets above the stove, but can turn into a cooking workshop, offering ideal resting place for timers, spices, utensils and implements space.

A large volume of kitchen goods can be stored in a pantry, an efficient, relatively inexpensive storage. Because a pantry is basically a closet full of shelves, its easy on the budget. Also plans to retain a portion of the pantry closet as a service where mops, brooms and cleaning products can be stored easily.


The islands can be used as tables for informal meals. If the height of conventional meters 36 inches you need crutches and a large overhang of about 12 inches to comfortably lap sitters.

If you plan to place a table in the kitchen, here are some basic parameters: a rectangular table with a capacity of 4-6 should measure 2 ½ feet of 5-5 meters and a half. You will have 2 ½ to 3 feet of clearance around the front seats and adequate circulation necessary. A round table takes up less space, but more people if necessary. Remember that a small increase in radius ensures a strong increase of the circumference of the table and if the surface will take.

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