Suitable Chair Molding Heights

Chair Molding –Most dining chair backs reach heights between 32 inches and 3 meters from the floor. So you must install your chair molding at this altitude. Some contractors, depending on the room, install molding slightly higher or lower. For example on a chair molding tutorial on Bob Vila website builder decided 42 inches “would look best” in space.

Minimalist Chair Molding

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A tutorial on Ron Hazelton Parliament calls on the site suggests. He  putting one of your chairs against the wall. And marking the height to determine your ideal chair molding height. Since many homes, especially older homes. Uneven floors have this height may change depending on where you are in space. Draw a level line around the room. Checking for evenness with a wide level, or ideally a laser level. This will ensure that you install your molding properly.

Corner Chair Molding

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While you can cut your outside corners using your miter box, a 45-degree angle is not enough for most internal corners. This is because most wall corners are not perfectly square. Use the exact angles will create a noticeable difference. Install a piece of chair molding. So that it runs directly against the wall at a 90 degree angle. Install the piece that meets the same corner against it. After cutting the piece output in the form of your casting profile.