Styles of Stone Fireplace Ideas

Often a fireplace is the centerpiece of a living room, regardless of size, and can be worn in any shape, size, style and any material. In addition, a fireplace, especially those made of stone, may be more than just a decorative part of the house.

Stone Fireplace Ideas With Rustic Style

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This type of stone fireplace ideasis very simple to install. Stone finishing is a composite material made of cement, sand and colorants, and applied to an existing structure to give a false finishing stone. People often have trouble recognizing the actual stone faux stone.

Stone Fireplace Ideas For A Living Room

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Natural stone chimneys are often built using a method of masonry. The stone is often largely uncut from its original state at the quarry; the only difference is that the stones are cut into manageable sizes. The natural stone fireplace ideas are more durable than their counterparts of bricks, that splinter, flake and crack over time.