Steps To Make A Tall Wainscoting

For the architect Maria Claudia Brazil, it is possible! According to it, there are 8 ways to create different effects tall wainscoting. They are : Partial Lambri allows the mixing of materials – The wainscoting set to 2/3 of the wall seems to stretch the ceilings, keeping the top of mildly or white ;

Tall Wainscoting Picture

Tall Wainscoting PictureTop Tall WainscotingTall Wainscoting PhotoTall Wainscoting ModelTall Wainscoting

Half and half, amplitude horizontally – The slatted paneling giving a clean and modern effect if placed with the design horizontally halfway up. Moreover, it seems extending walls extending the environment. At the top, the architect recommends white or a light shade, or a fabric with texture, so that the result be harmonious with tall wainscoting striped. Comics & shelves gain good highlight in this clear and wide part. Maria Claudia observes: “The wainscoting placed horizontally has no good effect to put the 2/3 height.” ;

Tall Wainscoting Image

Tall Wainscoting ImageGood Tall Wainscoting

High Lambri simplifies and extends the “silhouette” – For a very modern result, Maria Claudia recommends placed lath wainscoting vertically 2/3 tall. As with the second suggestion, this feature also seems to extend the ceilings tall wainscoting, with the top in white or softly. The architect points out, “The soft colors never cease.”