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Hi guys! Today’s post will speak aboutcarpet edging. Make a carpet scrap carpet is an easy project in the afternoon, but the union of the edges can slow the process. The union may seem a confusing process that involves a sewing machine or hand-stitching. However, if you choose a product binding self-installation, the process can be simple and fast, if you are adding binding to a carpet store-bought or terminate a do-it-yourself carpet project. Auto-installation of carpet trim is available in twill, rope and ribbon regular styles.

Installing Carpet Edging

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Sharp turns 90 degrees in the corners are not possible with this type of trim product. Instead, the ridge forms a curved corner and hides the sharp carpet edging within its folds.

Carpet Edging Tae

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Use a baking tray, a baking dish or roasting pan to keep track of all your tools. Place everything into the pan and drag along with you as you move around the edges of the carpet. Place the hot glue gun in the pan to protect the carpet and other flooring surfaces. This type of product carpet edging can be removed and placed back to the last step. The glue gun is permanently bonded carpet tape.