Standard Area Rug Sizes

Area rug sizes – Area rugs provide important elements of home decor. Create a focal point for a grouping of furniture, which define different areas of a large room. And give unifying element for a varied decoration systems are only three functions. The right area rug can be the basis of your decor. Giving colors, forms and extent reflected in the surrounding furniture and fabrics. Learn about the standard sizes of area rugs to fit them into virtually every room.

Dining Room Area Rug Sizes

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Whether domestically produce or import, area rugs tend to be standardized to American Foot-and-inch measurements. Even American area rugs can be standard, American rooms is not always so. For versatility, manufacturers have many standard area rug sizes including 2 to 3 meters, 2.6 by 4 feet, 3 to 5 meters, 4 x 6 meters, 6 of 9 meters, 8 by 10 feet and 9 of 12 meters. And larger standard sizes and shapes, such as runners, ovals or circles, are often create in the same or a complementary pattern.

Best Area Rug Sizes

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Absolute rules on the relationship between an area rug sizes and floor are not; even if decorators suggest that rugs should leave an 18 to 24 inch limit clear the floor on each side to make the best visual effects. Rugs, from 2 to 3 meters to 3 of 5 meters usually work best as accents. Giving a carpet in bare feet on a bedroom floor or lift the color of the curtains and throw pillows. Then they are not necessarily include in the category of area rugs. And also runners also provide corridors or stairs and are therefore not categorize as area rugs.