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Shower ceiling options – In the bathroom there must be two types of lighting. On the one hand, a warm light for the moments when we want to relax. And spend a pleasant time in this space. And also another type of lighting to be able to carry out hygiene and personal care in a thorough way seeing clearly what we do. For these reasons, we need in the bathroom a general light . And an ambient light that supports the first only when we need it.

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In large bathrooms, you can also add decorativeshower ceiling options. Highlighting the architectural lines if you are in a modern bathroom. Or that gives interest to certain areas in an opulent bathroom, creating a “museum effect” … A very common mistake is to illuminate the mirror from the ceiling, causing the appearance of shadows on the face. To cancel and qualify them, appliqués must be incorporate on the sides of the mirror, preferably with screens or diffusers opales.

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By surface, it may not be necessary to have more than one point of light. If that is the option chosen, a ceiling or surface luminaries will suffice. Better to choose low-energy bulbs or led. A small shower ceiling options in that area adds great elegance to the bathroom decor if it is large and its ceilings are high. If you only want functional lighting, opt for a special built-in bulb for wet areas.