Propane Fireplace Ideas

Propane fireplace operate without vents gas instead of wood. This allows the fireplace provide a rustic appearance of a wood burning fire, without the ash and smoke produced when wood burns. This kind of chimney has several components to ensure that the burning gas efficiently without introducing in the room.

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The gas line supplies gas to light the propane fireplace. This line is usually located at the back of one side of the fireplace. The electrician connects the gas line in your house to the fireplace during installation. Connect the vent connection to an external propane tank to supply an external regulator to help control the amount of gas that enters the chimney at any given time.

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Burners burn the gas that is supplied by the gas line and propane tank. Each propane fireplace without vents has different types of burners. Some are individual burners located around the fireplace, while others are oval-shaped pipes with dozens of burning points.