Outdoor Carpet Runner Design

Outdoor carpet runner – Carpets play an important part of the decoration of house. They cover a wide area of ​​the room and contribute to the comfort that is part of the decoration of house. Use rugs to divide a room into different sections, to add color or decoration design to protect marble and other porous floors at the entrances and to make your home look warm and inviting. The most common patterns are country cottage garden decoration, floral themes and Native American designs.

Outdoor Carpet Runner Plan

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Use different size outdoor carpet runner to define sections of a room cozy. If the room is divided into two sections, with one section of a small group of two chairs near a fireplace and the other section is a sitting area with a sofa table, loveseat and coffee, which can compensate for chairs near the fireplace with a smaller rug that you would use with the largest group of furniture. Making sections of each different room sizes.

Outdoor Carpet Runner Design

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Mix modeling and solid outdoor carpet runner to add color to the issue of country cottage. Offset furniture with a solid color fabric carpets with a flower pattern or Native American. The reverse is also true. Decide whether the focal point will be the furniture or carpet.