Open-plan living, to get arround your narrow feel house

Open-plan living is great, and it’s important for large families to have distinct spaces, so that everyone can do their own thing. As space has no or few dividing walls between areas it will maximise space flow in your home, they allow more space and less confinement with walls and barriers. It also creates light and gives your home a more modern feel, a place for the kids to play and maybe some extra’s for adults too!

White open-plan living room and kitchen

White open-plan living room and kitchenOpen Plan Kitchen Living Room

Open-plan living is great in many ways, but can be tricky to get right. The most common mistake is a space that feels awkward, with no flow or focus. Proper planning is needed and will make life so much easier, not only when you start to build or renovate a space, but when you’re making those big investment purchases and in turn, when you start to live in that area.

Furniture placement from sofas to lamps, wall decoration to get good vibe, matched floor tiles and several design consideration. I’m making a research on internet and gathering reason why and what benefit with open plan living:

Kids playing space maybe ? of course kids are love to play on the open space. Adults can take refuge in the family space to the rear while the teens or young adults gather in the living space to the front.

Enjoy a great entertaining space, You’ll love the convenience of this main gathering space. For entertaining guests, the open plan allows easy flow and prevents overcrowding in one area. While you in the kitchen preparing a meal and the rest of the family can be in the living room watching tv or playing a game and you will all be connected.

Communal Living for family, Well, these days while kids glued to television screens and a general disintegration of the solid family unit, many people are perturbed by the lack of communication in the family. With an open plan living space, all rooms are visible, which encourages interaction between family members. Most importantly though, open plan living builds a sense of togetherness in the home, transforming your house of individuals into a family home.

Allows the flow of natural light, By removing walls from the interior of the home, external light is allowed to spread throughout the entirety of the household. Adding a window wall in the kitchen or living area can provide views into your backyard and brighten up all adjacent spaces. By inviting natural light into your home, open plan living allows you to potentially save a lot of money.

Creates uninterrupted lines of sight, This means you can still see the game, watch the grandkids, or simply have clear views into all living spaces.

And finally it’s makes your home feel larger, This is my favourite reason. Opening space upwards and removing walls gives the feeling of a much larger space.

Actually there are plenty reason and benefit that you’ll get with open plan living, and above is only some key point that crossed and comes to my mind when i’m doing a research. And the reason i’m writing this article is because i’m also have an urgent need to redesign my living room area, as it’s become more and more crowded with a lot of stuff, furniture and lot of my hushband and child stuff scaterred all aver the room :-).

What i’m dreaming about open living is, a combined kitchen, living room and dining area, they are looks truly stunning and provides a modern and cutting edge kitchen style.

I hope this article will inspire you, next time i will try to write what my room became and how its the result and affect my family especially my children.

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