Metal Wainscoting Is Perfect Option

Metal wainscoting is a material that is associated with cold spaces. If you think in a bedroom with walls of metal, chances are you traveling a shiver down your body and you do not feel too sleep on it. For this reason, you are not going to advise you to choose this coating for such premium rooms where warmth. However, others such as bathroom, living room or corridors, it may be a more appropriate choice.

Metal Wainscoting Image

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Metal wainscoting is a perfect coating for homes seeking industrial style. To not turn your home into a factory, you can alternate with other metal walls of wood or other less cold material. In hallway, for example, you can choose to have a plaster walls with a pastel color and leave front of corrugated metal. As for entrance doors to rooms -if any-choose them a ‘hot’ color. Red or orange can be perfect tone.

Metal Wainscoting Bathroom

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In other rooms, such as living room, dining room or kitchen, you have option of using metal wainscoting but smooth. This provides greater elegance and besides, instead of giving an industrial touch, can direct decorative style to modern, with silver color that makes us think of futuristic spaces.