Information for Electric Fireplace Insert

A filling of an electric fireplace insert is placed in a traditional fireplace, turning it into a structure that burns fuel such as wood pellets or in one in which a log or ceramic element emits heat and mimics the appearance of the flames.

Small Electric Fireplace Insert

Small Electric Fireplace InsertNew Electric Fireplace InsertSpectrafire Electric Fireplace InsertStandard Electric Fireplace InsertStyle Electric Fireplace Insert

The fillings are fire boxes of steel or cast iron that fit directly into a masonry chimney or a factory built fireplace. They are usually covered by a glass security offers a view of “fire.” An element within the combustion chamber heats the temperature of the logs permanent noncombustible inside the electric fireplace insert, while an internal fan disperses heat in the room. The heating elements are connected to standard electrical wall outlets.

Minimalist Electric Fireplace Insert

Minimalist Electric Fireplace InsertMinimalist Electric Fireplace InsertAwasome Electric Fireplace InsertClassic Electric Fireplace InsertContemporary Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplaces insert and equipped with fillers are more efficient than traditional wood structures. The outer layer of padding works with the internal fan to push most of the heat in the room, rather than allowing it to escape up the chimney.