Ideal Indoor Firewood Rack

Indoor firewood rack must be maintained at about 30 feet (9.14 m) from floor. Leave some space will give wood better circulation air and give your home a little protection.

New Indoor Firewood Rack Design

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Nice to have a cover for indoor firewood rack to protect wood, Stores sell covers for shelf. You can use other decks, as a Canvas simple nylon, but be sure to find firewood on sunny days to let wood dry and eliminate moisture that may be trapped below deck. Many tarps have grommets so you can use a rope to tie cover to shelf.

Modern Indoor Firewood Rack Design

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When wood has been processed or has been cut and ready for storage, prepare your indoor firewood rack area as mentioned above. Make sure area is level and stable. Stack larger pieces of wood on bottom of battery level in ranks. Check area as you stack to ensure that stack does not tilt. It is much easier to adjust wood pieces in beginning when there is less weight on it. Finally, do not stack as high as it will be difficult for you to reach out and / or have a high risk of being inclined and you might fall.