How to Wash a White Shag Carpet

Wash a white shag carpet special care, because the fibers are long and woolly. You cannot use strong cleaners in the fluff blankets or too much water or otherwise the material is achieved in ruins. White shag wool carpets are a common type of carpet material and holding against stains and wear over time. Shag white carpets tend to be compressed after some time; clean restores the original loft. After giving a thorough cleaning, keep your white shag rug vacuumed at least once a week.

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Instructions to wash a white shag carpet: remove all the furniture is resting on the white shag rug. Vacuum the shag white carpet with an upright vacuum cleaner first goes in one direction. Rent or buy a steam cleaner, which is ideal for carpet lint.

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Mix the hot water and foam cleaner and fill the container with this solution. Follow the instructions on the steam cleaner to clean your shag white carpet. The soap solution is forced deep into the fibers of shag white carpet and then sucked back up, leaving your carpet clean, damp lint.