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Wainscoting definition – Wall panels are wall lining is use to protect the lower part of the wall from wear or accident. Wall panels are extend from the floor trimming by adding panels of wood to the wall. Which is then toppe with a decorative border. Wall panels were design to fit into the furniture and windows in a room. They are usually made from oak wood, but may also be made of cloth or plaster

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A wainscoting definition is a panel or covers the lower part of a wall; usually extend about 4 meters vertically. This type of panels was very common in the 1700 s and 1800 s. Such as carpenters and architects began to try to combine the luxury castles and manor houses with utility and practicality of a family home. In certain areas of the house, especially the kitchen and living rooms were the plaster walls susceptible to damage from bumping furniture. Scraping chairs and other movements.

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The wainscot is an extension of the baseboard, a low trimming of wood placed on the wall along the floor. Which serves a dual purpose of both sealing cracks that may have opened up between the wall and floor. And protect the wall from damage while sweeping or dry. In general, wainscoting definition are several boards extending upwardly from this trimming. With a decorative top border, which protrudes relative to the rest of the panels.