How to Put Your Own Stair Carpet

Covering stair carpet can be a difficult task. Slip carpet hidden or packages may lead to accidents on the stairs. If you put unduly, the rug can loosen and come off over time. This does not mean you need to hire an expensive installer to do the job for you carpets, however. With attention to detail, some basic tools in your garage and a few can be rented at many shops to buy your carpet; you can handle this project yourself.

Simple Stair Carpet

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Remove all old carpet. Take tack strips, padding and nails or staples. A clean surface for your new stair carpet is needed. Any material old has the potential to anyone who does not exercise properly or create bumps under the new carpet. Figure out how much new carpet you’ll need.  If you use carpet padding, adding 7.5 cm and full measure of each step.

Popular Stair Carpet

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Apply the tack strips. Cut the tack strip to fit the length of the wall where the stairs where the stair and elevator are and where the wall meets the elevator. Place the stair carpet so that it engages the tack strip. Slide the tool ladder stair crotch to compress the pins on the tack strip so as to maintain the carpet. Use the knife to cut away the excess carpet.