How to Make a Simple Faux Fireplace

Faux fireplace add a touch of realism to the stage, offering cozy details for the functions of children or simply serve as a space for “camping” in the living room of the house. You can complicate the task and make them with wood screws, but the easiest way is to develop them with cardboard. This does not mean that look too childish. Only you should not expose to fire or heat.

How To Make A Fake Fireplace Mantle

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In faux fireplace, unfold the flaps of the box 5 feet and place them face down on the floor. Place the bottom of your box of 3 feet from the bottom of the larger box. The edges of the boxes that are close to you should be well aligned with the box that is 3 feet above the center of the box 5 feet. Trace the outline with chalk box 3 feet.

How To Make A Fake Fireplace

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Make faux fireplace, insert the tip of the blade on the chalk line to cut the outline of the box 3 feet. Paint with spray cream outside the large and black spray inside the small box. Place the largest box side, so that the hole is 3 feet at the bottom center of the front of the box. Put the smaller box aside so you can easily see inside.