How to Install a Metal Carpet Threshold

Metal material carpet threshold is installed as a transition between carpet and other flooring materials, including laminates, wood, tile floors and engineering. Transition metal to make a beautiful, low-profile material, smooth transition that is inexpensive and attractive. It’s available in different finishes that match any decor, including aluminum, brass, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Thresholds of carpet in metal can both be nailed or screwed to the sub-floor, even if nailing is by far the most common method of attachment.

Carpet Threshold Style

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Education to install metal carpet threshold: measure the length of the transition space and the threshold carpet. Take the difference in the lengths and divide the difference by two. Cut half of the difference off each end of the metal threshold carpet with hack saw so the threshold will fit in the space and so the holes will remain centered in the space.

Silver Carpet Threshold

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Set carpet threshold of metal above the space of transition. The side of the threshold that angles downward should cover the carpet side of the transition space, and the nail holes must be between the carpet and the other surface of the floor. Nail threshold rug in place with metal nails, metal structure provided and a hammer. Do not sink the nails too far into the sub-floor.