How to Install a MDF Beadboard

MDF beadboard installation has beadboard walls easier than traditional beadboard. Traditional beadboard is installed in several small strips, while MDF beadboards can be installed in large sheets are easily glued and nailed into place.

MDF Beadboard Picture

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Instructions to install MDF beadboard: remove the trim and the existing sockets from the room with bar hammer and crowbar with care. Adjust the molding aside for re-installation after installing beadboard. Turn off the power to the room.

MDF Beadboard Ceiling

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Find the studs in the wall with stud finder. Mark the wall where the studs. Decide how high the beadboard will be installed on the wall. Measure the wall. Place 1/4-inch MDF beadboard panel backside-up on the ground or workbench. Measure the size beadboard panel. Cut the beadboard.