How to Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

New technology allows vent fireplaces, stoves, ovens and even through the wall. Direct ventilation units or propane gas and burn cleanly using a cycle that pushes outside air into the fire and expels the products of combustion while heating the incoming air through the same vent. Installation electric wall mount fireplace is fairly simple, but check with your local building inspector for regulations for a direct vent unit before installing.

Large Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

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Locate a place for your electric wall mount fireplace. Although it is unlikely to find plumbing pipes along an exterior wall, it can be electric cables. Pierces the wall from the inside at each corner, with a long, sharp drill bit. Cut the drywall and support, using the holes as guides. Cuts through the coating on the outside of the wall between the holes punched in the corners of the square to a square opening in the outer wall.

Electric Wall Mount Fireplace For Your Home

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Remove the plywood wall with a reciprocating saw. You should now have a hole of 1 square foot (929 cm ²) on the wall. Connect the electric wall mount fireplace to the framed opening. Insert the two-piece cartridge, a sleeve, for ventilation through the wall.