How to Decorate the Room of a Girl with Green Shag Carpet

Green and pink is a color combination that works in bedroom of a girl. The coarse texture of the carpet will improve a garden theme or provide the basis for pastel layers in the walls and in the bed. Although a difficult start, a carpet of green stuffed can lead to a bright and cheerful space. Make the most of natural light entering the room by painting the walls a light cream or eggshell color. Green shag carpet provides a dark base, so when you paint the walls a light color, which counteract the lining of the darker soil.

Simple Green Shag Carpet

Simple Green Shag CarpetOriginal Green Shag CarpetThe Green Shag CarpetTop Green Shag CarpetTop Green Shag Carpet

Paint the walls of pale blue and add fluffy clouds on the ceiling. Use tags flower peel-and-stick to decorate the walls. Or save money by painting their own big, bold flowers. Choose bedding in coordinating colors and top with floral pillow cases. White furniture brightens the room and takes the eye from the green shag carpet. Place additional floral touches night lampshades, curtains and mirrors silk flowers hot sticking to surfaces.

Nice Green Shag Carpet

Nice Green Shag CarpetNew Green Shag CarpetGreen Shag Carpet DesignBeauty Green Shag CarpetGreen Shag Carpet Style

Pink and green colors go well together, and pale pink walls are the first step to create a feminine room for a girl green shag carpet. Add layers in pale pink linen, painted shelves and mirror frames. Bring covered with the crisp white window.  Screen pink stuffed animals or dolls on a shelf option.