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Wood wainscoting is our topic for this chance. Friso is wood paneling applied to the bottom of 3-5 feet of an interior wall. The purpose of wood panels is mainly decorative, but they protect the lower part of the wall of water damage and dirt. Paneling is often used in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms and can be painted or stained to coordinate with the subject in his room. In a bathroom design, paneling looks good with modern amenities.

Wood Wainscoting Diy

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Panels, wood wainscoting paneling tongue and groove are long wooden tables that have small vertical seams or indentations between each board. You can install a plaque at a time, or as a cut sheet pre made to suit your bathroom wall. Despite paneling tongue and groove has been around since the 1800s, its casual charm complements a modern vanity. Tongue-and-groove boards are robust and resistant to deformation, even in wet bathing. To modernize this style, paint the white boards for a new clear calling.

Wood Wainscoting Design

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Beadboard is another style wood wainscoting panels is constructed with plates having narrow vertical strips, also known as beads, which flow the length of each panel. It is similar to wood paneling tongue and groove, but it has more texture and seals are generally closer together.