Fashionable Vinyl Wainscoting

The vinyl revolutionized the world of decoration.  Vinyl wainscoting is one of the solutions that best has been using for years. Like the gotelé, both had a boom in which was the resource par excellence. Today, even the latter are evolving and getting stunning environments in the rooms in which they are arranged. They come in all types, up to incredible dimensions that cover an entire wall with different motifs, like giant flowers and idyllic landscapes.

Vinyl Wainscoting On Ceiling

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Until recently, a wall with gotelé did not have too much solution if you wanted to change your look. You had the option to get rid of the paint or paint grains with either a professional or arming yourself with patience. Today, in the market, you can find another solution that combines the gotelé and vinyl wainscoting.

Ceiling Vinyl Wainscoting

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Among the types of records that currently, there are specially designed for this kind of coating, which adapt perfectly to the very rough surface of gotelé. The reasons better be, will be simulating flowers, since that fit texture, giving motion to these elements. Do you dare to put vinyl wainscoting on your walls Gotele or you prefer to get rid of him?