Fascinating Wood Fireplace Mantels

Wood fireplace mantels can give character to a place. You can fill with candles or put a fake electric fire to make it look real. One of best things is that fake fireplaces are portable, allowing you to carry from one room to another or even throw if no longer used. Making a false wood fireplace is a simple construction project and a good way to practice handling wood.

Wood Fireplace Mantels White Color

Wood Fireplace Mantels AreaWood Fireplace Mantels ColorWood Fireplace Mantels OakWood Fireplace Mantels White ColorWood Fireplace Mantels

Traditional fireplaces use wood as fuel.  Natural warmth and burning flames are characteristic of this type of wood fireplace mantels. Gas and electricity are options available today but do not always have a visa rustic wood burning fire. Those who want a secondary source of heat during colder seasons and those who want traditional decor ideas may be interested in wood fireplaces.

Modern Home With Wood Fireplace Mantels

Wood Fireplace MantelsModern Home With Wood Fireplace MantelsModern Wood Fireplace MantelsTraditional Wood Fireplace MantelsWhite Wood Fireplace Mantels

Wood fireplace mantels add a touch of realism to stage, offering cozy details for functions of children or simply serve as a space for “camping” in living house. You can complicate task and make them with wood screws, but easiest way is to develop them with cardboard. This does not mean that look too childish. Only you should not expose to fire or heat.