Elegant Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Design

Direct vent gas fireplace is something you can trust when it comes to ensuring a fireplace that does not require you can stack wood as fuel and will not stain black fireplace.

Stone Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Stone Direct Vent Gas FireplaceNew Direct Vent Gas FireplaceTop Direct Vent Gas FireplaceTraditional Direct Vent Gas FireplaceTraditional Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Direct vent gas fireplace may be ventilation or no ventilation. With vented gas fireplace, gas produced by combustion dumped through chimney. This type of gas fire does not leave an odor. Vent less gas fireplace is suitable for most open area and air circulation. This type of fireplace uses more oxygen for more complete fuel combustion and reduces carbon monoxide emissions to a minimum. Must have good airflow to living through at least one large window and is not suitable for bedrooms.

Modern Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Modern Direct Vent Gas FireplaceLuxury Direct Vent Gas FireplaceDirect Vent Gas Fireplace DesignCorner Direct Vent Gas FireplaceElegant Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Both type of direct vent gas fireplace comes with artificial coal replica wood, stones, etc, to bring an aesthetic appeal. Gas fire is easier to light wood or coal fire and feel heat almost instantly. Cooker both dug in ground and manufactured gas cooker also makes good gas fire options. Cooker is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Cooker can use a metal ring of fire that burns gas and distributes heat, or gas fire logs, which give impression of real wood burning in pit.