DIY Housing Project: Cool Coffee Tables

The ideas of cool coffee tables will always be a great idea to furnish your living room, especially for you who like to spend a lot of time in the living room with some friends and family. In fact you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy the table. You can make your own table with some recycled materials or modify your old coffee table.

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There are several cool ideas to build the coffee table. First, you can make the coffee table with old furniture. Do you have old table, chair, or drawer? You can make them as the main materials to build a coffee table. As long as you can combine it your sofa or some other stuffs around the table. Second idea, you can use recycled materials like wine cranes, wooden boxes, or even old suitcase. This idea will be the best idea to create unique and vintage decoration for your living room. The last idea is to make coffee table with some woods like wood logs or wood boards. It can be the most flexible material to create any cool ideas for your coffee table. You do not have to be worry about some difficulties to fit the table and other furniture in your living room. For any idea you pick, you can easily modify the table to have some storage to keep some stuffs like books, some snacks and magazines.

Old Furniture Cool Coffee Tables

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To build a cool coffee table with old furniture all you need is just to pick the right furniture like old desk, old chair or drawer. It will be easier to modify old table or desk to be a nice coffee table. You just need to cut the feet to be shorter and install some rack under it and you have new cool coffee tables.

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While if you use old drawer and chair, you can just install short feet to the old drawer or chair and repaint it. Be careful when you pick the color. It is important to create the theme. Just check the gallery for more inspiration.

Recycled Materials for Cool Coffee Tables

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Another idea is to build the table with recycled material. The easiest way is to make the table with wine cranes. You just need four wine cranes, some screws, wood glue, and four wheels. You just need to arrange the cranes with some space in the middle and install the wheels. And you have cool coffee tables! You can leave the table with its natural wooden color. Just arrange the table in your living room well. Need more inspiration? Check the pictures in the gallery.

Pics of Cool Homemade Coffee Tables

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At last, you just need some woods to build the coffee table. Just go to the hardware store and buy some wood. You can just make a simple table with any of your idea. The coolest idea is to paint it unique color. You can also use wood logs to build the table. The wood logs will create natural look to your living room. Indeed, you can just leave the table in natural look and color, then you have a super cool table.

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Cool Homemade Coffee Tables ImagesCool Coffee Table Ideas Pictures e1445149419326Cool Coffee Table Books PicturesCool Wooden Coffee Tables ImagesCool Homemade Coffee Tables Picts

To build the coffee table, with any idea from this article, you just need to prepare some basic tools. Prepare a hammer, wood glue, screws, screw driver, and any wood cutter. The most difficult is when you pick the wood material like wooden logs or boards. In this case you have to measure everything well. At last, you have to arrange your new cool coffee tables well.

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