DIY Beadboard Headboard

Decorative beadboard is an affordable option to make a custom headboard. Beadboard headboard is ideal for creating a cozy feeling of home in your bedroom. This makes it perfect for home or colonial arts and crafts design and decor measured by its head, it is important to follow the old adage “measure twice, cut once” to make sure the piece beadboard is suitable for your needs. Instructions to make beadboard headboard: outline a way for your headboard. Beadboard works best as a sheet of material, but if you decide to do any decorative cuts, needs to finish the edges with paint or finishing material. Measure the width of your bed. Note the height of your mattress and the height where you want the top of the head to be.

Great Beadboard Headboard

Great Beadboard HeadboardQueen Beadboard HeadboardTufted Beadboard HeadboardUnique Beadboard HeadboardBeadboard Headboard

Choose your ideal beadboard their local home improvement store style. Prime and paint the headboard as desired. Latex paint is ideal for beadboard to give a slightly glossy finish. Cut a piece of plywood the same size and shape of your head for stability. Mount the beadboard to the wall. You can use mounting hardware designed to support the weight of your custom headboard. If you are connecting to a prefabricated its beadboard headboard, it will not be necessary.

Cottage Queen Beadboard Headboard

Cottage Queen Beadboard HeadboardBeadboard Headboard ImageBeadboard Headboard PictureBeadboard Headboard StyleBlack Beadboard Headboard

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