Decorate Home Depot Wall Panels

Home depot wall panels darken immediately rooms, which can make the space, look smaller. Once you have panels on each wall, the dark color overwhelms the space, making the room feel like a cave. But there are some decorating ideas you can use to lighten up the space and tone down the heavy feel of wood. Decorate around the home depot wall panels by hiding the wood or bringing in new elements.

Home Depot Wall Panels Basement

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Sand the wood paneling with fine sandpaper and fill any holes or chips with wood putty. Grind the dried wood putty, prime and paint the walls. The new paint tones down the naturally home depot wall panels. Measure the size of the walls if you rent the property and cannot paint the panels. Cutting the fabric into pieces large enough to cover walls. Pry bar above the panels and attach the fabric with hammer and nails. Smooth out the fabric down the walls, and attach more spikes along the bottom and sides before replacing the bar.