Cool Eclectic Living Room Ideas for Best Home

Eclectic living room is very famous today. In this kind of living room style, you are basically arranging a perfect fusion between two or more themes in one same place. Because this style is very free and there is almost no restriction in decorating your living room with such style. There are many living room ideas that you can practically mash into one stunning electing living room design.

Eclectic Living Room design photo

Eclectic Living Room design photoEclectic Living Room DesignModern Eclectic Living RoomEclectic Living Room furnitureEclectic Living Room picture

The essence of this living room style is basically mixing several styles but in the end making it looks cohesive as well. Since there are so many ideas that you can mix and match into your living room, the options that you will get are just limitless. However, be careful not to over complicate everything and making your living room looks like a complete mess in the end. If you love the idea of eclectic living room, below are some tips and inspirations for you.

Cool Eclectic Living Room Ideas

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One of the best ideas of this kind of living room is by matching the rustic theme with the modern theme. The rustic touch of your living room will come from the grand furniture set that you place in the center of the room. Use upholstered furniture to spark more rustic impression. As for the modern touch, you can use modern wall decor such as floating shelves and wall sconces for the light fixtures molded on the wall.

Eclectic Living Room decorating idea

Eclectic Living Room decorating ideaEclectic Living RoomEclectic Living Room DecorRustic Eclectic Living RoomEclectic Living Room styles

The decorative elements that you can give to the living room are basically limitless. You can place anything in the living room without worrying about whether the decoration will match to the room or not. Using eclectic living room means that you take everything together and make it works as one cohesive room. As long as the decor element is matching with the room, everything will be just fine.

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