How to Clean and Maintain a Solid Oak Fireplace Surround

Sound oak fire surrounds can be finished in a range of different ways, these can include clear lacquer finishes, clear and coloured oils and waxes.

The process consists of firstly preparing the timber using sanding the oak to any smooth finish, applying a colored stain if required, clear sealer lacquer is usually then applied which seals the particular oak and lifts the feed. The fireplace surround is then left for a period to dry.

When dry, the oak fireplace is again sanded to a smooth finish and sprayed that has a light coat of stain to have the correct shade and coloring, a final coat of clear lacquer is given to finish.

To maintain a lacquered oak fireplace surround it ought to be cleaned using a damp fabric only, try to avoid using spray on waxes as this will tarnish the lacquer over period. All repairs can be of sanding out the damaged area and applying a specific varnish to the bare wood.

Waxed oak fireplaces

Waxed oak fireplaces will require regular re-waxing a result of the wax drying out over a period. Varieties of waxes are available and therefore are all suitable for re-coating but nearly all are tinted to also colour the wood so find the finish you require.

Apply the wax with any soft cloth using a circular motion as a way to penetrate the grain and when dry to the touch remove the excess wax that has a soft cloth and buff to do.

All repairs can be of again sanding down the destruction, applying coloured filler if required and applying wax on the area and leaving to dried out. A second coat may be required.

Oiled oak fireplaces.

Oiled oak fireplaces will likely require regular re-coating with a oil or similar product to maintain the fire surround looking from its best, but be careful when choosing oils that you can get as most are tinted products and will naturally change the colour in the fire surround over time.

To mend a damaged oiled oak fire surround, sand down the damaged area with firstly huge sand paper and sand to a smooth finish with fine fine sand paper, apply your chosen oil that has a soft cloth or paint wash and leave to soak into your grain, when dry to the touch wipe over that has a clean cloth to finish.

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