Cedar Fence Panels and Rosewood

Cedar fence panels is obtained from the tree of the same name that grows in the northeastern USA and Canada, the rosewood it is found on the west coast. Both woods have natural characteristics that are suitable for use in the construction of fences and outdoor projects. Compare both, cedar and rosewood from appearance.

Solid Cedar Fence Panels

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The rosewood has a reddish-brown natural color, which becomes darker as it is the innermost timber. Cedar fence panels can be red, white or yellow, depending on the species. Red is the most porous, and has a similar rosewood color, has a golden yellow, white is the one with the tightest of the three grain.

Elegant Cedar Fence Panels

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In general, fences rosewood is more expensive than cedar because the rosewood trees are scarce. This becomes more apparent the wider are the cedar fence panels. To maintain lower your costs, choose narrow panels.