Beadboard Trim

Tongue Beadboard Trim– and groove beadboard is often used as paneling. But it can also apply to cabinet doors to add character. Beadboard can be applied to a flat front cabinet or a closet with a raised frame. This simple project instantly update your cabinets. Refinish cabinets once installed beadboard. Weapon phosphateWaterRagsTape measure Circular BeadboardConstruction adhesive Finish nail snail or hammerInstructionsCombine 1 disodium phosphate and water as indicated in the TSP bottle. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and clean the cabinet to remove grease and dirt.

Beadboard Trim Town

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Measure beadboard trim the top of the closet door at the bottom. Cut a strip of breadboard this dimension with a circular saw. Repeat this process until you have cut enough strips to cover the closet door. Apply a bead of construction adhesive to the back of the strip breadboard. Press the breadboard on the cabinet face. Apply construction adhesive to the back of the other strip. Slide the language of breadboard under the lip of the first piece. Repeat this process to cover the entire door.

Beadboard Trim Kill

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Beadboard trim can Place the head of a nail gun between the grooves in the bead board. Insert nails through the tongue and groove of the breadboard strips and the cabinet face. Insert a nail every inch. Fill the nail hole with wood putty.6 Repeat this process for the remaining cabinet’s doors. Tips & Warnings although not necessary for a finished look, you can add the trim around the edges of the breadboard. Apply the setting in the same way that it has implemented the breadboard.